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ALL of the Playbooks

UPDATED This page leads to playbooks that were written for the 1st edition of Apocalypse World

If you want to contact me to share a new playbook, a new hack, or inform me of a dead link, or a needed correction, or anything about this page, put "AW page" in the subject heading and send it to nerdwerds AT gmail dot com

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the Limited Edition Playbooks - Vincent Baker has made all of these available to those who missed them when they were first released, the pdf costs $3

Apocalypse World - tri-fold pdfs of player-made Playbooks

the Agent, by Madu - the 3rd version, but if the pdf doesn't work for you HERE is a link to the 1st version

this playbook was originally posted to the AW forum HERE

the Beast Master, by Tim Franzke & Patrick H. Downs

the Behemoth (original), by J. Walton (alpha, possibly subject to change)

the Behemoth (trifold), by J. Walton (alpha, possibly subject to change)

the Boy and his Dog, by Dragonraven (seems incomplete)

the Boy & His Dog, by Willow Palecek

the Coot, by Dan Hull

the Damned, one of the Heralds of Hell playbooks, by Johnstone Metzger

Basically a vampire but they feed on sin, they get close to people find the worst ones then feed their hunger. If you want to be sneaky and have moral ambiguity, play a Damned. Warning: your hunger dominates everything you do, and it is also your greatest sin

the Dog (and in letter-size), by Patrick Henry Downs

the Feral Kid, by Mike Sands

the Giant & the Kid, by Davide

the Grotesque, by Avery Mcdaldno - follow instructions at the link, IT'S WORTH IT!

Basically a mutant. Unpredictable and alien, the Grotesque is sometimes defined by their mutations but they also have something good to offer the community that accepts them. If you want to be a capital-W weird outsider, then play a Grotesque. Warning: being grotesque doesn't make you a threat, but it does make threats zero in on you

the Haunted, one of the Heralds of Hell playbooks, by Johnstone Metzger

the Horseman, one of the Heralds of Hell playbooks, by Johnstone Metzger

the Juggernaut, by Mike Sands

the Kid, author unknown, based on Mike Sands' the Feral Kid

the Last Child, one of the Heralds of Hell playbooks, by Johnstone Metzger

the Man in the Box, a not very serious playbook by Yragaël Malbos

the Orphan, by Jamie Fristrom & Matt Strickling

the Radio, by Monte Lin

the Rat-Pack, by Gerald C.

the Ruin Runner, by Jeff Russell

the Scholar, by dheeney

the Shieldbearer, by Markus Öhman

Basically a sheriff. They exude authority and people listen to them. If you want to push people around just by being canny and smart, play a Shieldbearer. Warning: by setting yourself up as the authority who can muscle into anybody's shit, and everybody will be coming to you looking for help with their shit

the Shieldbearer - Officer Dangle artwork, by Markus Öhman

the Sorceror, one of the Heralds of Hell playbooks, by Johnstone Metzger

the Spectacle, by Sean Musgrave

Basically a gladiator. They're decent fighters all on their own, but mostly for show and adulation. If you want people to love you and still be a badass, play a Spectacle. Warning: being in the limelight is not always the best place to be, and fans can also be fickle if they feel mistreated

the Synthetic, by Nathan Roberts (noofy)

the Tribal, original artwork, by Dragonraven

the Tribal, by Dragonraven

the Turncoat, by Nick Doyle

the Witch, by Christopher Weeks

the Wolf, by Patrick H. Downs

Warning: you will be considered a threat and a nuisance by everybody else

the Wrangler, by Tim Franzke

Basically an animal handler. They own a pack of animals and have a strange connection to them, which means security, happiness, and peace, as long as your pack is fed and alive. If you want to do awesome and weird things and still keep others at a distance, play a Wrangler. Warning: your pack is awesome, but you’ll be at a pretty significant disadvantage when they aren’t around, plus people will think you smell funny

Apocalypse World - Expansion Playbooks
  • the Broodmother - a Brainer expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Catalyst - a Battlebabe expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Devoted - a Brainer expansion, by Dylan Boates
  • the Fallen - a Quarantine expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Living God - a Hocus expansion, by Johnstone Metzger
  • the Loner - a Gunlugger expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Maelstrom Incarnate - a universal expansion, by Joshua Bailey
  • The Mendicant - a Touchstone expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Valkyrie - a Battlebabe expansion, by Jonathan Walton
  • the Witch King - a Hocus expansion, by Ben Wray
  • the Wurm - a Hoarder expansion, by Jonathan Walton

    Apocalypse World - Party Favors
  • Advanced Moves - basic moves playbooks with the advanced versions of the moves added into their descriptions
  • The Afterborn - an MC and player resource for role-playing young adults in Apocalypse World, by Jonathan Walton
  • Blank Cards - for Customs Moves, +1s, and Mysteries, by Patrick Henry Downs
  • Blood & Guts - an alternative to and more detailed version of the Harm move, by Simon C.
  • generic playbook - a Scribus file for creating your own trifold playbooks
  • Harm Moves - alternate or extra harm moves, by Paul Taliesin
  • the 11 Core Playbooks + Moves - the core playbooks and pamphlets as single-page sheets, by John Harper
  • MC Toolkit - random settlements, NPCs, hazards, etc., by Michael Bay
  • NPC Generator
  • Playbook Template
  • Supplemental - a trifold containing information from the Mysteries and Walkingsuit supplementals
  • What is Apocalypse World? - an informational brochure for introducing new players to the game

    Apocalypse World - downloads or forum posts where a new playbook is described but no tri-fold pdf exists (yet)
  • the Abacus
  • the Firebug
  • the Hound
  • the Revenant
  • the Swashbuckler
  • the Transmitter
  • the Traveller
  • the Wildcard

    The Big List of Apocalypse World Hacks

    "Official" Hacks & Their Playbooks
  • Dungeon World, by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel, $10

  • Dungeon World Resources!, a mega-posting of links!
  • Dungeon World Playbooks compiled, a summary of the playbooks available

  • Monster of the Week, an action-horror hack by Michael Sands, $10 - the basic hunter playbooks can also be found at this link

  • the Action Scientist, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Michael Sands
  • the Big Game Hunter, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Reid San Filippo
  • the Constructed, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Reid San Filippo
  • the Divine, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Michael Sands
  • the Exile, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Michael Sands
  • the Hard Case, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Michael Sands
  • the Luchador, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Reid San Filippo
  • the Mad Scientist, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Reid San Filippo
  • the Snoop, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Michael Sands
  • the Summoned, a Monster of the Week playbook, by Steve Hickey
  • Monsterhearts, by Avery Mcdaldno, $10 - the basic Monsterhearts skins can also be found at this link

  • the Anansi, a Monsterhearts skin, by Renee Knipe
  • the Angel, a Monsterhearts skin, by Avery Mcdaldno
  • the Hollow, a Monsterhearts skin, by Avery Mcdaldno
  • the Incubus, a Monsterhearts skin, by Bryan Hitchcock
  • the Mummy, a Monsterhearts skin, by ???
  • the Oni, a Monsterhearts skin, (still a work in progress) by Christopher Stone-Bush & Christopher Fagala
  • the Rākṣasaḥ, a Monsterhearts skin, by James Mendez Hodes
  • the Rusalka, a Monsterhearts skin, by
  • the Selkie, a Monsterhearts skin, by Jackson Tegu, to get a copy email him: of.lightning AT gmail
  • the Serpentine, a Monsterhearts skin, by Avery Mcdaldno
  • the Succubus, a Monsterhearts skin, by Ernesto Pavan
  • Skins for the Skinless, Monsterhearts skins (includes the Beast, the Calaca, the Fury, the Proxy & the Unseen), by Topher Gerkey
  • Murderous Ghosts, a 2-player horror hack, by D. Vincent Baker
  • Nanoworld: a game of clones, by Marshall Miller
  • Tremulus, a Lovecraftian horror hack, by Sean Preston (coming soon)
  • Urban Shadows, a dark modern fantasy hack currently on Kickstarter!, by Andrew Medeiros

    Other Hacks & Conversions
  • Aeon World, a Cthulhutech hack, by Gregory Pogorzelski
  • Apocalypse D&D, by Tony Dowler
  • Apocalypse: Emergence, by Paul Taliesin
  • Apocalypse Galactica, a Battlestar Galactica hack, by Sean Nittner
  • Apocalypse West, a Deadlands-flavored wild west hack, by Willow Palecek
  • Black Stars Rise, an modern horror hack, by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel
  • Blogs Against Humanity, a truly inspired hack about blogging, by Mendel Schmiedekamp
  • Dark Sol III, a hack of the Dark Sun setting (that doesn't use Dungeon World), by Grave Digga
  • No Rest For The Wicked, a Borderlands hack, by M. “The Siren” Speca
  • the Bureau, a supernatural secret agent hack, by Paul Taliesin
  • Bureaucalypse, a Paranoia hack, by Loris Gianadda
  • Companions, a Doctor Who hack, by Jeremy Tidwell
  • Cthulhu World, a Cthulhu hack, by P Cthulhu
  • Crystals, a Final Fantasy hack, by Bug Man
  • Dead World, a Deadwood hack, by Sean Nittner
  • Dragon World, a fantasy-comedy anime hack, by Ewen Cluney
  • End of the World, a pre-Apocalypse hack by Michael Wight
  • Ghost/Echo, a hack about thieves and ghosts and things you can scarcely imagine, by John Harper
  • Ghost Lines, steampunk horror, by John Harper
  • Gunsight, an old west hack, by Christopher Wargo
  • 'Hood: Big Fish in a Small Pond, a modern day hack about small time crooks, by James Mullen
  • Heartbreaker World, a Fantasy hack using a unique dice mechanic, by Jeremy Strandberg
  • Hero World, a WIP superhero hack, by Narp Narperson
    Hotline Miami, a hyper-surreal ultra-violent hack based on a parody of GTA video games, by Seth Harris
  • Hyborian Saga playbooks, by Chad Bowers
  • Just Heroes, a superhero hack, by James Mullen
  • Lapins & Lairs, a Rabbits hack, by Marshall Miller
  • LEGACY, a retooled expansion of the Apocalypse World rules, includes Family playbooks and Setting ideas for carrying a campaign through several generations of survivors, by James Iles
  • Legend of the Five Rings, by Brennan Taylor, with supplemental schools by Antinomian Tendencies
  • Love Over Gold, a modern treasure-hunting hack, by Jonathan Walton
  • Mass Effect - Apocalypse, a Mass Effect hack, by Matthew Skau
  • Mass Effect, another Mass Effect hack with Paragon/Renegade skills, by Alan Hodges
  • Midsummer, fairy tale characters in a modern world, by Robert Burson
  • Mimicry World, a hack about losing one's self and attempting to reclaim it, by Mendel Schmiedekamp
  • Moomin's World, a hack for a Swedish cartoon about Moomin, by Jonatan Kilhamn
  • Nobilis, a Nobilis hack, by Jonatan Kilhamn and Arvid Axbrink Cederholm
  • On the Fraying Edge, a zombie apocalypse survival horror hack, by Andrew 'Pheylorn' Medeiros
  • Power World, a supers hack, by David Rothfeder
  • the Regiment, a war story hack, by John Harper and Paul Riddle
  • the Regiment: Colonial Marines, a future war hack, by John Harper and Ryan Dunleavy
  • Rogue Trader: Apocalypse, a Rogue Trader hack, by John P.D. Ryan
  • Sagas of the Icelanders, a historical viking hack, by Gregor Vuga
  • Shadowfist, a Shadowfist hack, by Robert MacNinch
  • Simple World, a streamlined generic hack, by Avery Mcdaldno
  • The Sixth World, a Shadowrun hack, by Chris Clouser
  • Soth, a diceless hack about cultists in small-town America trying to summon the god Soth, by Steve Hickey
  • the Sprawl, a cyberpunk hack by Hamish Cameron
  • Squaring the Circle, a GM-less hack about mathematician thieves, by Mendel Schmiedekamp
  • Star Wars World, a Star Wars hack, by Andrew 'Pheylorn' Medeiros
  • the Jedi, a Star Wars trifold, by Gregory Pogorzelski
  • the Smuggler, a Star Wars trifold, by Gregory Pogorzelski
  • Streets of Mos Eisley, another Star Wars hack, by Zack Wolf
  • Star World, a sci-fi space exploration hack, by Rob Wieland and Mark Diaz Truman
  • Superhuman, a mature superhero hack, by Jamie Fristrom
  • Survival Pages, a barebones hack about survival, by David Schirduan
  • Thieves Can Too Motherfucker, a fantasy thief hack, by Johnstone Metzger
  • Traveller World, a Traveller hack, by Rob Brennan
  • Undying, a Vampire the Masquerade hack, by Paul Riddle
  • The Veil, a unique hack (based on Ghost Lines and the Matrix), by Josh Mannon
  • Weird worlD, a game of freaks and mutants, by Adrian Thoen
  • Whispering Willows, Apocalypse in a fairy tale world, by Michael Tangherlini
  • Wired World, a WIP Cyberpunk hack, by Tom McGrenery
  • Wizard World, a magical hack heavily influenced by Ars Magica, playbooks and extra sheets here, by Jared Hunt
  • World Gone Mad, a zombie apocalypse, by Eddie Gibbs
  • World of Algol, a weird-science-fantasy hack set on Planet Algol, by Johnstone Metzger
  • World of Conan, by Simon Carryer
  • World of Dusters, a wild west hack, by Alfred Rudzki
  • A World of Ice and Fire, a Game of Thrones hack, by Andrew 'Pheylorn' Medeiros
  • A World of Ice and Fire - moves, a Game of Thrones hack, by Amit Moshe
  • World of Secrets, a spies & espionage hack, by Nick Wedig
  • World of Secrets - Opposition Generator, by Chris Bennett
  • World of Shadows, a Dungeon World reskin for Shadowrun, by Zack Wolf
  • World of Warhammer: Streets of Marienburg, a Dungeon World reskin, by Michael Wight
  • World Wide Wrestling, a professional wrestling hack (rough draft), by Nathan D. Paoletta
  • Worlds in Peril, and [LINK]playbooks, a superhero hack, by Kyle Simons
  • Zombieworld, a zombie apocalypse hack, by the Gloom Crew

    Many of the player-created playbooks for Apocalypse World are hard to track down, and that's kind of annoying. I'm actually surprised at how many comments I've seen online from people saying "I don't have that one" or "I only have these."
    It looks like about a year ago there was this trading community happening with a handful of people on a few forums, probably because there was no single place to upload files to, but as somebody who is relatively new to Apocalypse World it feels like there are players hoarding playbooks and not sharing them with the rest of us who are late to the party, and that attitude seems really childish.
    When I do searches for playbooks the first page almost always links back to multiple forums where one person is spam-asking for the same playbooks over and over again, yet he refuses to share what he's acquired unless somebody else trades him something new. Today he offered to sell me all of the playbooks he's accumulated for $15. So, you know, if you wrote a playbook that you intended to share with other players there's one guy out there trying to profit from your work without sharing the profit with you. In contrast, the stuff that I spent the last few weeks working on I make publicly available on my blog for anybody to use.
    I feel that this whole trading and keeping it hard to find attitude also runs counter to the spirit of encouragement D. Vincent Baker wrote into the game by asking people to hack the game and make it their own. I think there needs to be a unified place for those who've contributed to AW, even in a small way, to share their work and get recognition for it. The Barf Forth Apocalyptica forums are difficult to navigate at times, there isn't a list of links to others' work, and there isn't a single sticky-ed thread that lists all of the great work that's come out of the community.
    I'm making this post in the hopes that other people with player-made custom playbooks will upload their work to the internet and share their work with the rest of us. Here are links or instructions for getting all of the playbooks I've managed to find online. (If I know who wrote it, I also credit them.)

    UPDATED, November 2013
    When I first started this page I thought there were only about a dozen playbooks that had been made by other players. I'm truly surprised at the abundance of work that has been done, the shared enthusiasm so many people hold for the Apocalypse World rules, and the generosity so many of the creators of these links have shared. There are also TONS of hacks!

    1. Replies
      1. send it to nerdwerds at gmail
        Thanks for your help!

    2. I love this. As one of the people that searched high and low for playbooks. I love the idea of having a central location for accessing them or at least the method needed to get them.

      Once you update the list I will be happy to add to it with what I have

      1. Thanks Dave! I update the lists as I receive new information or links. The Turncoat only went up about an hour ago, and if something isn't hosted somewhere I upload it to my google drive. Cheers!

    3. Hollow, Selkie and Serpentine are all Joe McDaldno. See also the Angel,

    4. This resource is much needed, and I agree with you that not sharing playbooks is an obstacle to the appreciation of the game. Good job.

    5. Be advised The Raksasah is NOT by the author of the game MotW, but rather from another person

    6. Well done, man. The community has needed this for a long time, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    7. You know what? Do what you want to do. The rest of the world are weiners! Fuck 'em.

      You're doing a service.


      1. You genuinely made me LOL
        *high five*

    8. I'm pretty sure your first update isn't from December 2013. :)

      1. When I first started the page I ended up updating it every other day, so there were lots of updates in December instead of one singular update actually. That December update was something I had written between Christmas and New Year's.

      2. You missed my point. :) December 2013 hasn't happened yet. It should be December 2012.

      3. Oh wow! Awesome typo, and I failed to spot it twice. ;-)

    9. Wow dude, I posted Zombie World two days ago! You are on POINT!

      1. Oh and btw anyone who thinks you're anything less than the patron saint of Apocalypse World for doing this is an idiot. SERVED


      I thought I should probably let you know that this exists. I am the gnome7 who maintains that post, and it is loaded to the brim with Dungeon World content.

    11. Great stuff! Ive been trying to get my group into AW for a couple months but I havent been able to find it anywhere. All the websites seem to be down when I check. Do you know of any other websites to try besides the main ones?

      1. The main website has been down for the last week. I'm not sure if the server is having issues or what's going on, but I know Vincent is aware of the problem and is working on it. I would give it a couple of days and keep checking back.

    12. Hi! I'm "Whispering Willows'" writer, Michael Tangherlini. Thank you for featuring my game in your page! If you need it, here's the actual link you can add to the description:

    13. Hi. My friends and I are playing AW and we want to create our own playbooks but I could not found a way to do it. The mechanics, not only to calculated the move, how many, the stats, but almost the rest. We want to create new playbooks that could be consistent.
      There is some formula? Like All the stats must give x number, if you start with one in +3 take a move away, etc.
      What things (in a mechanical way) must be considered?
      Thank you very much for your answer.

      1. My answer was too long to fit in this comment box, so I wrote a blog post for you

    14. Man, I feel your pain. I started a thread on the Hero System boards years ago, where I asked people to submit creepy NPC ideas for a particular setting. The thread generated twenty pages of truly outstanding (as well as mediocre) ideas. One of the board members created a wiki and transferred the individual entries to it, so that people could search/comment/etc. and even made a random generator to speed up making an assortment of the weird character for games.

      He got several members asking (and threatening) him to take their work off of the wiki. I respect people's right to profit from their own ideas, but if you post in a public forum, I would argue that the expectation is that people will take and modify the work for their own needs, but whatever.

      1. I haven't seen anybody actually try to make money off of writing Apocalypse World playbooks. That seems to be something that only Dungeon World players try to do.

    15. I've got something that might interest ya---new official-ish playbook that is A DOLPHIN IN A ROBOT SUIT (though you can also have it be for a human or whatever). And this is a very different beast from the Juggernaut playbook:

      I don't have a copy but if I get one I'll see if I can hook you up.

      1. According to Vincent the Space Marine Mammal is officially unavailable at this time. When Vincent sees fit to make it available on his website it will be categorized as a limited edition playbook here.

    16. Can I get a way to contact the creator Raksasha

      1. I don't have contact information for him but you could try starting here.

    17. Thought you should know about this update to The Afterborn. I hope Jonathan Walton decides to finish it someday.

      1. Yeah, no prob. I just found certain aspects of the first alpha rather vague and confusing, so I thought I'd look into it some more. The new draft is much better, though the old one is good to keep as a historical document of development. It only seems to be linked on the following story games thread, which combined with the last update being a year ago makes me think that the project has sadly been abandoned:

    18. Easy access to an increased variety of interesting options helped nudge me towards buying a hard copy of Apocalypse World. Seems like a win/win/win situation to me.

    19. Replies
      1. Thanks! This page was always meant to showcase and share the AW playbooks, I wasn't sure if the thumbnails would work but it gives me the opportunity to write a little more about each playbook now.

    20. Does anyone have the link to the Starwars hack that originally contained the Death Moves?

      1. Well, for one thing you're on the right page already. Shift+F and search for "star wars"
        or it is literally the first link!

    21. A World of Ice and Fire - playbooks, a Game of Thrones hack, by Andrew 'Pheylorn' Medeiros

      This one is down.

      1. He's put both the moves and the playbooks under one link instead of two. The entry above is fixed now.

    22. Seems I have to type it again. Oh well, might as well get it over with and finally POST the damn thing. When you log in to publish your comment, Google flushes it. Genius. Anyway: Black Stars Rise by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. I really want to insult everyone with all of my hate right now. Trying to post this was just the last straw. Even if it hadn't happened I'd still hate everything and everyone.

    23. Hello, could someone please tell me where I can get the limited edition Playbooks?
      In the link "" there's only the AW pdf which I already have.
      Thanks in advance.

      1. They are literally the first link, read the instructions

    24. Hello, I'm the owner of the "Whispering Willows" game hack. I'm writing to ask you to remove the game from your list, since I'm stopping its development. Thanks for the support, anyway.